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We are a consultant who serves individual and corporate consulting services that are ready to help you, with more than 10 years of experience in tax consulting, accounting and auditing.

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Citra Global Consulting Group

Citra Global Consulting Group provided tax consulting services for the first time in 2013. With the spirit of “Opportunity in Numbers”. To meet the changing requirements of the daily business environment in Indonesia.

We support our clients with the support of professional “generalists” and “specialists” who can tailor our services to the specific needs of our clients – a combination of overseas and domestic graduates, as well as a marriage of expertise from strategic abilities, analytical and practical, technical skills. We measure our success by the success of our clients.

Our Services

Tax Consultation

  • Tax Consulting
  • Tax Compliance
  • Tax audits
  • Tax Court Attorney
  • Transfer Pricing Documentation

Accounting Consultant

  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Compilation of Financial Statements
  • Supervision of Financial Statements
  • Accounting Information System Services
  • Services for the agreed procedures

Audit Consultation

  • Financial Audit
  • HR audit
  • Management Audit & ISO
  • Technology and Information Audit

Customs & Excise

  • AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) Certification
  • Classification of Export – Import Goods
  • Customs Value Services
  • Customs Audit Assistance
  • Inventory and Warehousing
  • Stevedoring, Cargodoring, and Container Services

Our Products

ERP System

Do you want to use Indonesian ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software with equivalent capabilities but at a more affordable price? We are the solution and the answer. Our ERP product is a services in the form of a financial application system that integrates through a network wherever the company and its branches are located (online between branches).

Payroll Outsourcing

We are experts capable of handling a wide variety of company payrolls. We always maintain the security of personal and confidential data, and can adapt to the organizational structure and payroll needs of the company. In other words, we manage the payroll reporting process from upstream to downstream, including the printing and distribution of payroll slips.

Accounting Software

The most complete accounting software for all business fields in Indonesia with a variety of excellent features such as: managing inventory, managing invoices, point of sales (sales program), transfer of goods between warehouses, stock taking, multiple branches, expiration dates of drugs and food, profit -loss, to financial reports.

Why Us?

Why use our services as a solution to your company / agency’s problems? There are several benefits that a company can get if you use our services as a solution to problems regarding your company’s financial statements, taxes, export-import, or company audits, including the following:

Legality Aspects

Citra Global Consulting Group has a legal umbrella recognized by the government and related associations.

Aspects of Quality Standards

Having a quality control system established by the relevant association as a control tool in maintaining the quality standard of our work.

Aspects of Professionalism

Led and managed by a state registered consultant whose competence and professionalism are maintained.

Aspects of Integrity

Citra Global Consulting Group upholds the code of ethics and professional standards set by relevant associations in providing services to clients / service users.

Aspects of Supervision and Development

Fostered and supervised by the government and related associations in order to improve consultant professionalism and compliance.

Our Consultants

Ikhwan Ashadi, SE., SH., M.M., M.Ak., M.H., Ak., CA., CPA., BKP., Asean CPA

Ikhwan Ashadi, SE., SH., M.M., M.Ak., M.H., Ak., CA., CPA., BKP., Asean CPA

Tatto Sugiopranto, MBA

Tatto Sugiopranto, MBA

Han Han Heruman, SE., BKP

Han Han Heruman, SE., BKP

Rudi Kurniawan SE Ak, CA, ACPA.

Rudi Kurniawan SE Ak, CA, ACPA.

Pramono SE, Ak

Pramono SE, Ak

Askur Wahyudi, SE., MM

Askur Wahyudi, SE., MM

Our Clients

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